The AM17 Atlantic Margin 2017 survey is situated between 62-66 degree North, in the Norwegian Sea. Møre Basin within the central part of the greater area, is an elongated SW-NE trending rift basin associated with the opening of the North Atlantic during Cretaceous time.

The 3D survey covers 40,000km2 of mostly open acreage acquisition, and is comprising a variety of play models from rotated Jurassic and Cretaceous fault blocks, to stratigraphic and structural traps in Paleocene and Cretaceous turbidite/fan deposits. The central and Western part of the area is influenced by volcanic activity (sills and basalts).


New regional structural understanding of part areas give indications of a new HC play including Lower Cretaceous pull-apart basins with high probability of unproven reservoirs and source rocks.

The project will use the broadband processing solution Clari-FiTM in combination with improved denoise and demultiple techniques and utilise TGS experience gained in the area.

Acquisition Highlights:  

      • Survey start-date expected: May 1st 2017
      • Anticipated duration: 2017 & 2018

      • Spread: 12 x 112.5m x 8100m

      • Triple Source: 12.5m shooting interval

      • Bin size: 6.25 x 18.75m

      • Streamer depth: 12m

      • Source depth: 7m

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