Creating The Premier Energy Data Company

TGS and PGS have merged to form a pioneering data and services company in the energy sector, serving customers across the energy value chain and positioning itself as a strategic partner for energy companies

The World Needs Energy

Data is the cornerstone of achieving supply-demand equilibrium. It enables the discovery of new oil and gas reserves, which remain a major component of the energy mix, accelerates the growth of renewables, trains advanced AI models for enhanced efficiency and aids in reducing emissions through CCS developments. 

TGS is uniquely positioned to collaborate with energy companies and governments globally, helping them achieve these sustainable goals. Our long-term ambition is to mirror the overall energy mix and provide the highest quality energy data across the entire value chain. 

Two Trusted Companies Merge

The merger of TGS and PGS, two trusted companies in the energy data sector, has been completed. This union creates the premier data and services company across the energy value chain, positioning the new entity as a strategic partner for energy companies. With enhanced capabilities, we are now better equipped to support energy exploration and production worldwide. 

As we integrate top talent from both companies, we are committed to fostering a strong, common culture emphasizing innovation, collaboration and personal growth. While the integration process will take time, our focus remains on delivering unparalleled quality and service to our customers, ensuring we maintain our high standards throughout this transition. 

PGS and TGS Completed Merger
TGS - New Identity

A New Identity

This refreshed brand combines TGS’ reputation for financial performance and customer service with the innovative essence of PGS, highlighting our leadership in technology and operational excellence. By retaining elements of the PGS brand, we emphasize our ongoing leadership in top-tier technology and operational excellence. 

This integration enriches our brand identity, creating a stronger, more diversified company. It embodies our unified mission to deliver comprehensive, cutting-edge services tailored to the evolving needs of the entire energy market. 

Exceptional Capabilities Across the
Energy Value Chain

We offer strategic partnerships and deep industry expertise to ensure our clients achieve their objectives. By leveraging our core geoscience expertise, we generate subsurface insights across the energy mix, empowering the energy industry to make informed, data-driven decisions. 

  • Comprehensive Multi-Client Library
  • Leading Acquisition Technologies
  • New Energy
  • Advanced Data Processing & Imaging
  • Sustainable and Safe Operations

Comprehensive Multi-Client Library

Unparalleled multi-client coverage across mature, emerging and frontier basins worldwide. Comprehensive geological and geophysical data, enhancing exploration and portfolio development strategies.

Leading Acquisition Technologies

Seven state-of-the-art Ramform vessels equipped with advanced steerable multisensor GeoStreamer technology combined with leading OBN (Ocean Bottom Node) acquisition technology and services.

New Energy

Digitized subsurface data models for new energy markets (wind, geothermal, offshore minerals and CCS) and industry specific data, insight and software for offshore wind and solar markets.

Advanced Data Processing & Imaging

Collaborating with clients to deliver actionable fast insights to reduce uncertainty leveraging geophysical and digital technologies both on-prem and on the Cloud.

Sustainable and Safe Operations

Operational excellence is prioritized through a steadfast commitment to ESG and HSE best practices. Sustainability is integrated into all operations to ensure safety, efficiency, and responsibility. This approach aligns with the long-term interests of our customers, communities and the environment.

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