EAGE is on!  Join us in person and meet our team at the TGS booth in the hall to the left of registration, or visit us online. We'll be there to show you the latest additions to the world's largest subsurface data library, including our unique Ocean Bottom Node surveys offshore Norway and exciting license round opportunities in Africa.

TGS provides industry-leading data across the energy spectrum, using a mix of technologies and corresponding imaging solutions. We create data-driven insights enabling you to make the best investment decisions and de-risk opportunities.

  • Energy Data and Services - Multi-client seismic surveys and imaging solutions
  • Geoscience Interpretation - Geological insight through Basin Temperature Models, Basin Reconnaissance, Facies Map  Browsers, and more
  • Data & Analytics - Leading-edge digital solutions and machine learning applications utilizing cloud-based resources and high-performance computing
  • New Energy Solutions - Valuable insights and solutions for energy transition, including carbon storage, geothermal, wind
    and deep-sea minerals

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