A weekly technical webinar series 

Beginning 20 May 2020  |  4:00 PM ART

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Sharing Best Practices in the Vaca Muerta Formation

This interactive webinar series aims to foster the exchange of innovative ideas, lessons learned and best practices related to the Vaca Muerta Formation.


Hear from operators and industry experts about their insights into G&G best practices involving appraisal and development of Vaca Muerta and interact with your peers by sharing your experiences during a live question & answer and collaboration session.


Webinars will be available through the Go-To-Webinar platform on the day of each event and subsequently made available through the new On-Demand portal.



Webinar and Speaker Schedule

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Each webinar will run approximately 1 hour - presentation followed by a collaborative Q&A session.


Webinar Speaker Topic Registration Link

Marianne Rauch, NOPEC Geophysical


Seismic + Neural Network + Wells + (some science) = Pore Pressure

27 May 2020

4:00 PM ART

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Gabriela Gonzalez, Independent Consultant

Gabriela (002)

What is co-opetition? The Transecta Project as an example

10 June 2020

4:00 PM ART

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David Curia, Wintershall Dea


Multi-component Acquisition and Processing For Vaca Muerta Characterization

17 June 2020

4:00 PM ART

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