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Across the energy spectrum, we're uncovering insights that power progress.

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After 40 years of delivering insights from data for the energy industry, TGS is evolving further and diversifying its portfolio to provide data for wind, carbon capture and other energy markets that customers need to make the best investment decisions.


Across the energy spectrum, we bring together our vast subsurface data library combined with core skills in geoscience, data processing, data management, data analytics and AI.


For today and tomorrow, traditional, and transformational, we have the energy data that uncover insights and drive progress.

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Powering energy progress

At TGS, we aim to provide deep insights and understanding to support society's evolving energy needs. Across the energy spectrum, through innovation and data-driven solutions, we utilize diverse sources of data, including our own, to create actionable insights - ensuring you have the right data at the right time to make the right energy decisions.

Gain a deeper understanding of your resource investment

By leveraging our expertise in the collection, curation and extraction of insights from big data, we help empower you to make the best energy investment decisions.

Using innovative imaging and machine learning solutions, coupled with robust data-driven analysis, we create unique, actionable insights from raw energy data. Our insights are designed to reduce risks and enable a more detailed understanding of resource investments.

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