Meet us at IMAGE 2023

Houston, Texas | August 29-31, 2023
Stand #1501

Unwind in the TGS Energy Data Lounge at IMAGE 2023 

We look forward to meeting you in Houston, Texas, at IMAGE. Stop by the TGS booth to grab a drink, enter our prize drawing, or just to unwind and have little fun.


Once you have had time to relax, speak to one of our representatives about all the new and exciting energy data solutions we offer. From the world's largest multi-client subsurface data coverage to cutting-edge seismic imaging solutions, OBN acquisition and carbon storage insight, learn how our decades of experience create actionable insights to help you make well-informed decisions. 

  • See the latest additions and enhancements to our multi-client data library 
  • View new techniques and technologies employed by our specialist seismic imaging teams
  • Learn how our data and acquisition can greatly enhance your Carbon Storage opportunities
  • Spanning over 130 surveys, discover how our leading Ocean Bottom Node solutions enable our clients to make faster and better data-driven decisions across the energy mix
  • Demo Well Data Analytics, our new subsurface data analytics platform

For more information on this event, visit the organizer's site:

Unwind and Analyze

Join us for refreshments, including snacks, coffee and drinks.


Alternatively, for those that like nothing better than to lose yourself in the world of arcade games, why not compete against your colleagues in a classic game of Pop-A-Shot?


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Join us for daily on-booth happy hours

Join us at the TGS booth for a daily specialty cocktail, beer and wine. We look forward to welcoming you.
  • Monday, 28 August, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, 29 August, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 30 August, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Enter to win a bottle of Tequila!

Drop your business card off for the chance to win a bottle of Clase Azul Tequila. The drawing will take place at noon Thursday, August 31 at the TGS booth.

TGS Speaking Engagements

Title Presenter Date Location
Mesozoic deepwater depositional systems of Uruguay Kyle Reuber Tuesday, August 29 - 11.35 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. Poster Station 8
Application of interpolation to regional 2D data to produce 500,000 km2 of 3D data to visualise exploration plays along the East Coast of India Daniel Milo, David Davies Tuesday, August 29 - 1.20 - 1.45 p.m. 361A
High-resolution imaging in the Campos Basin using legacy seismic acquisition David Brookes Tuesday, August 29 - 11.35 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. 371B
U-Pitch Technology Showcase, Carbon AXIOM Alex Fick Tuesday, August 29 - 11:45 a.m.
High resolution imaging by dynamic matching FWI in the presence of AVO effects Fuchun Gao Tuesday, August 29 - 1.45 - 2.00 p.m. Poster Station 5
Potential of FWI imaging for shallow turbidite shadow zone: A case study Swarup Sarkar Tuesday, August 29 - 2.10 - 2.35 p.m. Poster Station 5
Resolving geological complexity with legacy streamer survey: Potiguar 3D offshore Brazil case study Seet Li Yong Tuesday, August 29 - 2.10 - 2.35 p.m. 370A
The Guyana-Suriname Basin: Cretaceous Paleo-margin and the limits of exploration Kyle Reuber Tuesday, August 29 - 4.55 - 5.20 p.m. 362A
Combined OBN and high-resolution 3D streamer acquisition for CO2 monitoring: Initial model building and imaging results over Sleipner Simon Baldock Tuesday, August 29 - 4.55 - 5.20 p.m. Poster Station 3
High-resolution near-surface land FWI across the Delaware basin Fill zone Terence Krishnasamy Wednesday, August 30 - 8.25 - 8.50 a.m. 371B
High frequency FWI on Clair OBN dataset - challenges and successes Matvey Romanenko Wednesday, August 30 - 9.15 - 9.40 a.m. 371B
Unsupervised machine learning as a velocity picking assistant Charles Ursenbach Wednesday, August 30 - 10.20 - 10.45 a.m. Poster Station 9
Carbon AXIOM and strategy on CCS Alex Fick Wednesday, August 30 - 11.10 - 11.35 a.m. Carbon Management Pavilion
Panel: Ask the Experts Adriana Citlali Ramirez Wednesday, August 30 - 12.00 - 1.30 p.m. Near Surface Pavilion
Mitigating the effects of guided waves in OBN data for acoustic FWI using data reconstruction: A data example from the Yggdrasil area Mohammad Akbar, Hosain Zuberi Wednesday, August 30 - 2.10 - 2.35 p.m. 370A
Improve Kirchhoff depth imaging using full wave equation travel time Yongzhong Wang Wednesday, August 30 - 2.10 - 2.35 p.m. Poster Station 6
Gemini: A fully operational broadband source for model building and imaging Carsten Udengaard Wednesday, August 30 - 4.05 - 4.30 p.m. 372B
Multiple Removal Techniques 2 Adriana Citlali Ramirez (session chair) Thursday, August 31 - 08.00 - 9.40 a.m. 360A
Seismic Data Access for the Future: Leveraging VERSAL and the OSDU Sathiya Namasivayam (TGS), Mark Ambrosi (CGG), Espen Grimstad (PGS) Thursday, August 31 - 10.15 - 10.45 a.m. Digitalization Pavilion
Sub-seafloor reflectivity estimation by upgoing wavefield deconvolution Hassan Masoomzadeh Thursday, August 31 - 10.45 - 11.10 a.m. 360A
Data Agility with TGS Data Verse Charles Nguyen Thursday, August 31 - 10.45 - 11.05 a.m. Digitalization Pavilion
Cloud-Native Storage for Multidimensional Energy Data: Optimizing AI and HPC Workflows Altay Sansal Thursday, August 31 - 1.05 - 1.25 p.m. Digitalization Pavilion
Designing surveys in an updated regulatory environment – with consideration of processing Carsten Udengaard Thursday, August 31 - 3.10 - 3.35 p.m. 371B
S-wave velocity model building using PP-PS tomography with Dynamic Warping Terence Krishnasamy Thursday, August 31st - 11.35 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. Poster Station 6
The offshore basins of Newfoundland: Are we just getting started? Kyle Reuber Thursday, August 31 - 1.45 - 2.10 p.m. 362A
Enhancing subsalt images with elastic FWI: OBN and DAS data examples Faqi Liu Friday, September 1 - 8.30 - 8.55 a.m. 351B
Maximizing imaging resolution of DAS VSP data using FWI and FWI imaging Ge Zhan Friday, September 1 - 11.27 - 11.34 a.m. 360A
Imaging with multiples - opportunities and challenges Dan Davies Friday, September 1 - 2.00 - 2.15 p.m. 351B
Adding uncertainty to the estimation of log data using a gradient boosted trees approach; Marianne Rauch, Keyla Gonzales Marianne Rauch Friday, September 1 - 3.25 - 3.40 p.m. 371B

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