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R360™ integrates TGS data libraries with your existing technologies and applications. It allows you to readily access the industry’s largest volume of high-integrity global Geo-science data on the systems you already own. And it all has been optimized for easy use. Because R360 is built with open technology, you have the flexibility of receiving this data via standard cloud delivery to your desktop or straight into your third-party applications. You’re able to get right to work – unencumbered.

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R360™ Overview

Tap into the industry's largest online well log database with R360, TGS' premiere e-commerce platform that is set to replace LOG-LINE Plus!® in 2018. 

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R360 Webinar Channel - *NEW!

TGS is excited to announce our brand-new webinar channel for R360. We are dedicated to expanding our recorded training webinars to ensure end-user success. 

Simpler integration between the data you need and the systems you live by.

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