Now Available in R360™ 

Find the data coverage you’re looking for with just one click! Our new viewer allows you to quickly visualize LAS, LAS+, ARLAS, and raster images. The well log viewer is now available in both the map and list view of the search interface and easily accessible in your search results as well.

Spend less time making data decisions by reviewing well log coverage before you download.

  • Visualize curve coverage
  • Easily view curves from clicking on well spot in map view
  • View curve coverage from search results

R360 Login

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Coming Soon to R360™ - Cross-Section Builder 

Get to the information you need faster by interpreting well log data right from the source. Easily build cross-section interpretations with the world's largest digital well log library within TGS' unique online data portal. 

You'll soon be able to:

  • Search, view, pick, and analyze well logs within R360 
  • Create cross-sections, pick tops, and correlate well data
  • Save templates and export your work

Search and View Logs

  • Access the world’s largest well log library through an intuitive map interface to easily select wells for interpretation
  • Display raster logs and LAS
  • Hang logs at a depth, top, or formation
  • Select up to 1,000 wells at a time


Pick Tops

  • Mark formation tops and bases
  • Shade-in formation picks, using color and pattern fill intervals, to rapidly interpolate between wells
  • Create custom profiles with colors, fills, patterns, and line styles

Create and Save Templates

  • Easily edit and customize templates to save the format of a cross-section for use in future projects
  • No limit to the number of saved cross-sections
    Xsection templates-2


Export Functionality

  • Create high-quality prints and outputs including selected tops

More Updates to Look Forward to

Not only are we upgrading the tools and functionality to give users a better R360 experience, but we're committed to making quality of life changes to make using R360 even easier. We're updating R360 to use WhiteStar’s land grid and building out an Admin Console that allows users to self-manage their accounts. 

Some of the features in the Admin Console include:

  • Users will have ability to manage their own passwords (current process requires customer support to make changes)
  • Clients will be able to add/remove active end users associated to their account
  • R360 will accept international credit cards
  • Clients will be able to manage their billing information

Please contact R360 Customer Support for more information:

Email R360 Customer Support