Well Log Curve Prediction Using the World’s Most Complete Digital Log Library

Before ARLAS Algorithms

       Fill in Gaps                

Gaps in log curves are weaknesses in any Oil and Gas asset analysis. Analytics Ready LAS log curves combine TGS’ largest and most dense coverage of digital log curves with industry changing machine learning to fill in those gaps, making sure customers are seeing everything. TGS’ library has more data than anyone else, enabling us to ensure the highest quality predicted log curves on the market.



Predicted Well Log Curves

Analytics Ready LAS uses a series of high-density data and blind testing, with over 75 different machine learning models used in each basin, producing incredible details and accuracies well above 90% for most curves. With as little as one Gamma Ray, Bulk Density, Neutron Porosity, Sonic Pwave, or Deep Resistivity curve, every LAS can be turned into a complete Quad-Combo suite. 


Product Details

  • Identifiable measured versus predicted curves
  • 2 Uncertainty Curves for each prediction
  • 5 core curve suite:
    • Gamma
    • Resistivity
    • Density
    • Neutron
    • Sonic
  • Deliverable LAS file online, on demand
  • Microservice architecture – customers submit their wells to be completed to ARLAS standard

ARLAS Data Available Now on R360

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